Release note ticket links


The tickets listed as part of each release (PDF for Java 17.12 for example) provide a short summary but not enough detail. Is there a way to view those tickets from a free or paying account? We’d like to know if the issues listed might resolve problems we ourselves have seen but cannot tell given such limited information. Thank you.



Different customers report different issues and we share the details with the concerned customers only. The reason is that mostly the issues are specific to some specific documents and do not relate to the documents of other customers.

One way to find the details of an issue is to use the search feature of our forums to search against the issue ID and find the related forum thread (where details have been shared). You can also share the issue IDs you want to know the details of, we will try to provide maximum possible details for those issues. Please note that we cannot share and data or file which belongs to any other customer.


We of course are not interested in any confidential information but rather the nature of the problem that was solved. If the release notes were consistently specific then it would make it easier for customers to look over each new release in order to determine what was resolved or improved. It would also help if public tickets were linked to their corresponding forum post.

Thank you.



Thanks for your valuable input. We are planning to further improve the release notes by adding more details and will try to complete this activity as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.