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Remove data from chart

I currently have 1 series in the chart with 5 data point// if i wanted to remove one of the rows in the chart and update the rest of chart with new data… how would i go about doing this… i already have the code to update the chart but cant remove one row if there is a need to do so. the chart i would like to remove the data from is a radar chart… this is the data belwo

point values new points new values
a 1 a 8
b 2 b 9
c 3 c 1
d 4 d 4
e 5

Hi Kartik,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have tried to understand the query shared by you and have unfortunately not been able to completely understand your requirements. You have mentioned that you have one series and if you are using clustered column or bar chart then in data, one column will correspond to series. The number of data rows correspond to categories. I would request you to please share the sample input chart along with desired output chart in the form of presentation. Also, for expedite investigation on my end please share the complete description of the issue by showing requirements in the form of snapshots as well.

Many Thanks,