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RemoveEmptyParagraphs problem


we use your word component to do mail merges - mainly labels but we have an annoying problem that we cant seem to stop.

We fire RemoveEmptyParagraphs = true to remove the emtpy paragraphs from mail merge labels. This works fine for any numer or type of labels but when you just do 1 it doesn’t remove the empty paragraghs…

Any ideas?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please attach the document template you are experiencing problem with.

find attached a copy of the template that we use…

Could you please also post your code and probably the resulting document with incorrect layout to allow us fully reproduce the issue? RemoveEmptyParagraphs has been working okay for your template so far, but table cell width remains unchanged and this is the normal behaviour. Is it that doesn’t satisfy you? If no, please elaborate your question a bit.

I meant table cell height of course, sorry.