Rendering PDF as an image (GetDocumentAsImages) is missing characters

Hi Aspose Team!

We’re working on a solution in Blazor Server that requires rendering PDF as an image with Aspose.

We noticed that this rendering method is generating some issues like the one below, and others.
image.png (247.9 KB)

Here’s our Aspose Client’s GetDocumentAsImages method.
image.png (76.7 KB)

Is there a way to set this right so we can avoid this rendering issues?

Thanks in advance,


Can you attach the original PDF that is been passed a memorystream, please?

Hi, My apologies for the delay in replying to you. Here’s the PDF requested.

(See PDF attached below)



I need more info. I am assuming you are using .Net Core. What version? And what version of Aspose.Pdf are you using?


.NET 7 with Blazor Server for rendering.

Here’s the Aspose Version (23.2.0):
image.png (2.6 KB)


Sorry I forgot ask you about the source PDF. Can you please upload that too?

I am trying to replicate the issue.

Also, do you have all the fonts used in the PDF document installed in that server?

sometimes the issue is that the Renderer Machine is missing fonts used by the document.

Sure, no problem.

I simplified the PDF (attached) just has 1 page, the one that has these issues.

Hope you can take the Fonts from there and let me know if there’s anything else that can be configured from our Blazor server side, or that I should provide.

table - aspose renderig issue_removed.pdf (158.3 KB)

image.png (318.0 KB)



I while I try to replicate the issue let me show you the fonts you need to check that are installed in the server:

Please verify that for now.


Can you get access to the source code as text and not an image?. Did you noticed the Assembly to which this class belong? -> ImageSaveOptions

Sure here’s the assembly name: Aspose.Words.Saving

image.png (140.6 KB)


I am confused. You cannot use Aspose.PDF document with Aspose.Words.Savings.

I see, we’re not using Aspose.Pdf, in this case we only use Aspose.Words.Savings.

image.png (182.8 KB)

This is pretty much the flow, I will try to share a quick solution that might help to reproduce the example.


Hi Carlos,

Really appreciate all your research, that last comment allowed me to realize that we were using the wrong assembly, based on that I prepared the method below and now the rendering works just fine!

image.png (112.5 KB)

Thank you very much for all your help! :slight_smile:


I am glad it helps. Let us know if any other problem arises.

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