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Renewe License for Aspose Total for .Net

Our Application makes use of Aspose.Total for .NET(version 3.0) license which will be expiring soon. We placed an order for renewal of the license and yet to receive our new Aspose.Total.lic file.
In order to set the new License do I just need to replace the Aspose.Total file with the new one or is there any other step I need to perform?

I see that the license is set in our code with the below statement:
Word.License wordLicense = new Word.License();

Excel.License excelLicense = new Excel.License();

Do I need to manually update the license file on the server?
or this existing license (which will be expiring soon) will get extended and no need to replace the license file on server.

Looking forward to Your response.



Thanks for the query.

Your understanding is correct. You only need to replace your existing/older license with the new Aspose.Total license, code segment (for setting license) would remain the same.

In the event of further queries or issue, please feel free to contact us any time and we will be happy to assist you soon.

What if we continue to use existing license without renewing? Will it still work with existing license or will it break the application?
Do we need to renew the license every year?

Could you please assist?


Well, Your license (older) will never expire if you continue to use any version of the products (e.g Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells, etc.) that should be published before your subscription expiry date. The licence is generally permanent and comes with the first year’s subscription. The subscription allows you access to the latest releases and can be renewed annually, but it is optional. If you choose not to renew, and don’t use any version released after the subscription expiry date, the licence will continue to work as normal. You may open your existing license file into notepad (without modifying it, lease it will not work) and check your subscription expiry date for evaluation.

Hope, this helps a bit.