Replace method not working


I’m using the Replace method to overlay placeholders in a designer file. It works for several of the cells on the designer but others simple have #value! in the cell. I checked the format of the cells to verify I wasn’t having any datatype issues and I don’t believe that to be the cause. Also, when I open the saved xls file I get a file error, data may be lost. Any ideas on what to check?

Thanks, Donta


Hi Donta,

Could you send me your designer file and you relative code? That may greatly help me to investigate the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation.


I believe I see what is happening. The following code will create the error every time.
The &Sports placeholder will correcly populate but &News and &Weather will show #Value! in the cell and the spreadsheet has an error. However, if I change the code to the following then everything works properly:

I can send a designer file with these 3 placeholders if it’s required. I just need to know where to send it.

Thanks, Donta


Just send it to



It’s fixed. A new hotfix will be released tomorrow.