Replace Text or Header by page number

I am looking to add several pieces of either text or headers to documents depending on the page numbers.
The documents are built dynamically and a datatable of text/headers with appropriate page numbers created.
Is there any way this can be achieved?
I tried to “find & replace” the page numbers in a header but cannot do this with the “Page” field.


Thanks for your request. If I understood your requirements correctly, you would like to insert some conditional content into your Header/Footer and show or hide this content depending on page number. Am I right? If so, you can achieve this using IF fields. For example you can use Field code like the following:

{ IF {PAGE} = {NUMPAGES} “This text will be shown on the last page only” “This text for other pages.” }

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I may have solved this by using an earlier thread on ‘FindPages’.
looks useful all the same.

It is perfect that you managed to resolve the problem. Please feel free to ask in case of any issues, we will be glad to help you.
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