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Replacetext function

When will the replacetext function be fixed as my company is looking to buy a product like this to replace some keywords in a pdf and then save it. If you could give an estimate as to when the next version with the bugfix will be available that would be great.


Hello Alex,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

We have planned to fully support this feature by the end of this year, but we cannot promise about the implementation. I have also contacted the development team to share the concrete information regarding the feature implementation.

Hi Alex,

Can you please provide the PDF and code that reproduce the error?

Here is my asp.net code:

'Initialize the string variables storing paths of PDF files

Dim FileOne As String = Server.MapPath("./New_Doc.pdf")

Dim OutFile As String = Server.MapPath("./New_Doc_1.0.pdf")

'Create input and output streams

Dim FileStreamOne As FileStream = New FileStream(FileOne, FileMode.Open)

Dim OutputStream As FileStream = New FileStream(OutFile, FileMode.Create)

'Instantiating PdfFileEditor object

Dim editor As PdfFileEditor = New PdfFileEditor()

'Setting the page number of the inStream2 as location where pages will be inserted

Dim location As Integer = 1

'Creating an array of Page Numbers to be inserted

Dim inf As New PdfFileInfo(FileStreamOne)

Dim pages() As Integer = New Integer() {1}


Dim e As PdfContentEditor = New PdfContentEditor()


e.ReplaceText(FindText, ReplaceText)


'Closing output stream



Catch ex As Exception

'Closing output stream



Response.Write(ex.Message & "

" & ex.StackTrace)

End Try

Hi Alex,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I have tested the scenario using the sample document that you have provided and I am able to notice that Aspose.Pdf.Kit is lacking while replacing text in the given file. Please spare us little time, as we need to investigate this issue in detail.

Our development team is working hard to improve this feature. As soon as we have made some progress, we would be pleased to update you with the status of correction.

We apologize for your inconvenience.