Replacing Text with Hyperlink while Processing PowerPoint Slides in C#


I am trying to add hyperlink into powerpoint slide,I have PPT file and one template file which is also another PPT file. In the template file i have some meta tags which are replaced while processing the file and after that i am combining both files. Can you suggest me how to add hyperlink into the merged file.

Thank you for the description your requirements. Please read the following articles, I hope they help you:

After that, if you fail to achieve your goals on your own, please share as simple as possible sample presentations and the expected output presentation with hyperlinks. Then will we will do our best to help you write the code.

Thanks Andrey, now i am able to add hyperlink, but it added hyperlink on the top. I have a placeholder which was replaced with value while processing PPT slide. I need to add hyperlink for that value at the same place and position. Please advise, how can i do that.

In order to better understand the problem and help you, I need to see the input and output presentations as well as the expected result.

Hi Andrey, Please refer the attachments, one is code which i am using to add hyperlink. and another is snapshot of result which is currently coming. I need to add hyperlink for the circled marked text.
Code.png (153.8 KB)
requirement.png (125.6 KB)


If I understand your code correctly, you don’t need to add the new autoshape for the hyperlink. The text for the hyperlink is already replaced on line 836. You should find the text in textFrame and set the hyperlink there.