Report Generation With Template using Aspose

We have requirement where we want to create template(word or excel) with our tags.
Report will be generated from this template by replacing tags with actual data during runtime by C#.NET application.

I have tried LINQ Reporting Engine in word but I want to use my tags even for looping structure.
For example, for looping, I want to write ListFor:Tags which should create multiple rows/bullets or listing items based on Tags objects as per document. ListFor:Sources will show list of Sources object and so on.
Need is anybody who don’t have programming experience should be able to create Template and use it in application.

For excel, I have tried SmartMarker feature but it is NOT supporting multilevel object which was conveyed in my support ticket.
Solution should be unified approach for word and excel both i.e. Same code should work for both word and excel template.

I have attached one very simple example with this thread.

Is this something achievable using Aspose? (10.7 KB)


Thanks for contacting support.

Aspose.Words provides the capabilities to create as well as manipulate MS Word files, whereas Aspose.Cells offers the features to create as well as manipulate existing MS Excel files. Please note that both APIs have separate Document Object Model but since you are looking for unified approach which can facilitate in manipulation of both Excel and Word files, so I am in coordination with related teams to gather related information and will get back to you soon.


Thanks for your patience.

We have discussed the requirement and as per our understanding, you will still need LINQ Reporting and you also need to change your template’s syntax according to LINQ Reporting engine. I am afraid currently Aspose.Words does not support the customized syntax of LINQ. We are sorry for this inconvenience.