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Request: chart.NSeries[i].Marker?

Hi Laurence,

first of all many thanks for your new release of Aspose.Excel! Thanks for including my requested features!

Now I have a new question and request:
Can you add an object “chart.NSeries[i].Marker”?

With your new dll I can set Line.Width and Line.Color but when setting this I get the DataMarkers for these lines (with ChartType.Line). Therefore I need to set the Datamarker’s color and maybe style like in Excel or alternative set them invisible!

And one other request: Can you change your code that
chart.NSeries[1].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
can be set WITHOUT setting chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Red;

This is because of I don’t know how many lines are getting into my Excelsheet at programming-time and to hold about 20 colors for these lines is bad programming. So I will use the functionallity of Excel wich is setting these colors automatic.

And some more question:
ChartType.ColumnStacked: When setting

chart.NSeries[1].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Red;

my bars are getting a border in the color red. This is OK for me but I will set Bar.Backcolor = Color.Red like

chart.NSeries[i].DataLabels.Style.BackColor = Color.Black;

Thanks for your answer and support!


Hi Stefan,

About your first two requests, I will fix it ASAP.

About your last question,


chart.NSeries[1].Line.Weight = WeightType.MediumLine;
chart.NSeries[1].Line.Color = Color.Black;

I tested the above code. The border color of columns is black.

Hi Laurence,

thats’s right, the border gets the color but I want to set the bar-backcolor and therefore there is no function untill now.

Regards, Stefan

Hi Stefan,

I will add a new property “ASeries.Area” to enable you to do it. Now thanks for your patience.