Requested default value for an unknown attribute



First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jesus Mirabal and I am a Product Manager with SUNGARD Investran ( I am the direct supervisor of Juno Gonzalez, a developer who has been posting issues in this forum under the “word” login.

At the moment we are using ASPOSE.Word along with ASPOSE.Pdf and ASPOSE.Pdf.Kit as part of the engine of an application that automates the process of preparing, editing and sending correspondence. This application is used by our clients (usually big financial organizations) to notify their Investors, Fund Administrators, etc.

We have been able to accomplish the core of our functionality when manipulating Word and PDF documents by using the ASPOSE components. However, our clients and we have been also consistently finding several issues, mostly with the way ASPOSE.Word handles some specific Word documents. While these issues seem to be little details taking in consideration the complexity of the Word document structure, for our clients these problems become huge and high priority items. They simply cannot afford to face this type of issues since our application is used on their mission critical business.

I apologize for the long introduction, but I wanted to use this opportunity to reveal to you the sense of urgency that these issues create for our clients and us. In this particular case, we have a client that is simply stuck, because of the inability of ASPOSE.Word to handle a specific Word document.

The following is the exception thrown by the component:

Aspose.Word.PleaseReportException: Requested default value for an unknown attribute. For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Word Forums

at ़.஫.஧(Int32 ࡇ)

at ़.ட.FetchInheritedAttr(Int32 key)

at ़.ட.஧(Int32 ࡇ)

at ़.ີ.get_໏()

at ೥.྇.ྰ(Row ྯ)

at ೥.྇.ྭ(ີ ೶)

at ೥.ᆶ.ᆾ(ີ ೶)

at ೥.ᆶ.ᆺ(ཕ ೵, ີ ೶, Char ᆻ)

at ೥.ᆌ.ᆘ(Int32 ೲ)

at ೥.ᆌ.ᆖ(ᆬ ᆗ)

at ೥.ᆌ.Ԉ(Int32 ᆕ, Int32 ے)

at ೥.ᆌ.Ԉ()

at ೥.೤.ۗ()

at Aspose.Word.Document.઼(Stream Ւ, String ܞ)

at Aspose.Word.Document.Ֆ(Stream Ւ, String ৢ, LoadFormat ઺, String ܞ)

at Aspose.Word.Document..ctor(String fileName, LoadFormat loadFormat, String password)

at Aspose.Word.Document..ctor(String fileName)

The ASPOSE.Word version used in this case was

This happens when trying to create an instance of APOSE.Word.Document with a Word document originally created using Word 2003 (11.6502.6408) SP1. However, if we take the same document and save it using Word 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3) the problem disappears. Notice that in order to save the original document with the different version of Word, we had to open it with the desired version, make a minor modification and then roll it back. After that the document gets dirty and we can save it with the different version.

You can find both (2003 and 2000) versions of the Word document attached to this entry.

Again, we appreciate your prompt response on this case. You can also feel free to contact me via email at or by phone at (305)-891-3300 X:226. Also, if possible, I would ask you to escalate this item to your managers. We’ve been trying to contact the ASPOSE sales department trying to seek a closer type of relationship between ASPOSE and SUNGARD Investran, but we have not gotten any response back. If you can give us a hand trying to establish this link, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your patience in reading this post!

Jesus Mirabal

PM, SUNGARD Investran



I will test with your documents and hopefully have a fix in 2-3 days. Attach any other documents if you have more issues. Just make sure the documents attached are "before" processed by Aspose.Word.

Not sure why you can't reach Aspose.Sales they are very responsive usually. Try posting in the Aspose.Purchase forum.


I am having the same problem and would appreciate a response.

Word version: 2003 (11.6568.6568) SP2


I have tested the attached document with Aspose.Words 3.5.1, trying to open, save and convert to PDF and the error hasn't displayed itself.

What version of Aspose.Words are you using?


Version 3.0.3

I downloaded your latest version and noticed that you renamed it Aspose.Words.

This required removing all references to the old version, recompiling and a new build!.

I have a production emergency and had hoped that by just dropping in the new dll, everything should work.

Why did you have to rename your assemblies? ARGH!


Renaming to Aspose.Words is not our whim. I beleive it is due to the fact that Word is Microsoft registered trademark or something like this. Beleive me, it caused us lots of troubles either.