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[Requested Feature]Add ability to open excel file read-only

We have multiple situations where we would like to open an existing excel document in a read-only manor, please consider adding a “read-only” option to the work book open method. If there are any changes, they would be discarded.

This also allows us to open excel documents that are controlled at the OS level for security purposes as well. We have several excel documents we can read data from that is input into others, while no one is allowed to modify the originals.


Mark Warner


Thanks for your question.

When you load excel file into a workbook, it is loaded into a memory stream. So whatever changes you make remains in memory unless you save it.

In your case, you should not save the workbook.


1) Please check the document on how to open/load encrypted Excel files:
Please see the sub-topic: "Opening Encrypted Excel Files"
Please see the sub-topic: “Opening File with Data only” on how you can load Excel file to load data only, formatting or other drawing objects would be discarded.

2) See the document on how you can make encrypted file:

Thank you.