Requesting information about Aspose


I represent a big Insurance and Pension Company in Brazil and I’m evaluating Aspose.pdf to be used as our corporate solution to generate reports.

So far we haven’t been having any problems with your tool and it has fulfilling our needs, but to choose Aspose, we need to get support and to be assured of the health of your company. You must understand that your solution will be used by each Internet and Intranet site we have. I would appreciate if you could send me some information about your Company (if you have any clients in my country, may I contact them?).

Thanks in advance,



Dear Eduardo,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. Registered with ASIC in March 2002, Aspose Pty Ltd was founded in Sydney, Australia.

2. Aspose is growing healthily and rapidly.

(1). Please check our partial customer list, updated about half year ago. Since then, we have taken in at least double customers but as our website is in a rapidly upgrading status so we haven’t updated the customer list. However, as we’re planning to sort all existing customers into the portal database then you can get to know our customer base dynamically and instantly with an authorized account. Now thanks for your patience.

(2). Please check our partial testimonials.

(3). Please check the customers’ posts in the forums here you will find their live and original replies, comments or reviews for our products and services. You can find some big names, such as IBM, Hilton Hotels, etc, choose to use Aspose products.

3. We have 2 customers from Brazil, one is from a private consulting company, the other from a government organization. Both bought Aspose.Excel. Please confirm me if you need their detailed contact info as I need their permission to disclose their contact info to you.

As we prefer forum support so you’re encouraged to post here further.