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Resize mode Interpolation - docs say the barcode "can be damaged"

In the docs for using AutoResizeMode.INTERPOLATION, it says that it “Resizes barcode to specified size with little scaling but it can be little damaged in some cases because using interpolation for scaling.”

What does it mean by the barcode can be damaged? Would the barcode be unreadable or have an incorrect value? Also, is it only in certain situations that the barcode might be damaged, or can any particular barcode resized with INTERPOLATION potentially be damaged?

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BARCODENET-37758 - Information required for AutoResizeMode.INTERPOLATION

1D barcodes like Code128 or Code39 is a set of black bars and white spaces sizes, predefined by standards. In “INTERPOLATION” mode barcode engine tries to fit barcode image to required IMAGE size and some of bars/spaces can be different from standard sizes. This leads to the situation that these barcodes can be read incorrectly on some hardware scanners.

However if you use big enough resolution like 300-600 dpi these differences from standards are almost negligible, but in 96 dpi they can make barcode unreadable.