Resource GUID is not being saved correctly in MPP (Java)

When writing resources to mpp, the GUID that is being setted using the aspose library is not the GUID that is shown when I open the mpp file. This is only happening with resources, tasks GUIDs are correct.

This is my code:

    //start project from empty mpp template
    Project mppProject = new Project("C:/mpp-test/project-plan-template-empty.mpp");

    //add one resource
    Resource mppResource = mppProject.getResources().add();
    mppResource.set(Rsc.UID, 1);
    mppResource.set(Rsc.GUID, "FF36DDFB-7955-4C1A-B177-EF3B6921F821");
    mppResource.set(Rsc.NAME, "Test Resource");
    mppResource.set(Rsc.TYPE, ResourceType.Work);

    //add one task
    com.aspose.tasks.Task mppTask = mppProject.getRootTask().getChildren().add();
    mppTask.set(Tsk.UID, 1);
    mppTask.set(Tsk.GUID, "3DE4DE9A-F1EC-45A4-B478-6BD11A97532B");
    mppTask.set(Tsk.WBS, "WP-1");
    mppTask.set(Tsk.NAME, "Test Task");

    //export to mpp"C:/mpp-test/project-export.mpp", SaveFileFormat.MPP);

When I open the mpp file, the task GUID is the one that I saved, but the resource GUID is always different.


We were able to reproduce this issue and it has been logged with ID “TASKSJAVA-827” for further investigation. You will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.

Any news about this?


I like to inform that this issue has been resolved. Can you please try to use latest version 19.5 on your end.

I have tried with the latest version 19.5 and the problem persists.
I used the code above and exported to MPP and also to XML.
In the XML file everything is as expected but the MPP file still shows wrong GUID for the resource.

Here are the two output files. (29.0 KB)


I have observed the files shared by you and request you to please also share the source MPP file used so that I may try to reproduce the issue on my end.

The source file that I used is this: (26.7 KB)


I have worked with source files and have been able to observe issue. We will open this issue after details investigation as soon as possible. I request for your patience.