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Rich text in fields

It is very important that we are able to inject formatted text into a document. The document we are creating is a confirmation letter that needs to include a product description.

We have the product description in HTML and would like to import this into a mail merge field. The formatting is basic: bold, italic, bulleted lists, tables and images, colour etc.

There are several mechanisms to do this:

1. have an object model for building rich text in a document but they can’t load Word document - this would be a good addition to Aspose. We can then use this to build content from the HTML.

2. A direct HTML import - that we would like the most!

3. An RTF import…

4. Copying text from one document to another. Using this we can pre convert the HTML to word documents (even if we have to automate Word to do it) and inject that into the merge doc.

Any other suggestions?


Hi Steve,

We plan to provide API to create and manipulate document content programmatically in the near future.

We also plan to support loading from and saving to various formats including HTML and RTF.

So far we have not planned injecting formatted text into mail merge fields. We only planned to support inserting images in this way. But inserting formatted text question was raised by several customers before and I think it is a very good idea so we will support this too.

We have a new release of Aspose.Word every month and in March we are committed to make Aspose.Word to integrate with Aspose.Pdf to produce PDF on output and I’m not yet sure what other features can fit in. So as of today I cannot promise delivery dates for any of the features you requested, but we will take them into serious consideration.

Can you please email some of the HTML samples you want to inject into the document to

Hi Roman,
Many thanks for your speedy response…

I’ve emailed you some samples.

Best regards