Right Side of PDF be cut off

We are creating documents using Aspose.Words and when we save to a Word document everything appears fine, but if we save to PDF the right side is cut off. We are using Aspose.Words 10.0, this worked correctly in 9.7. Attached is an example Word document and PDF.

Thank you for your inquiry.
I managed to reproduce your problem on my side.
Once the problem is resolved, we will notify you immediately.

Thanks for your inquiry. While you are waiting for the fix, I can suggest you the one way to work this problem around. This way is not very universal, but with this document you can try:

Document doc = new Document("C:\\Temp\\index.doc");
doc.FirstSection.Body.Tables[0].Rows[1].Cells[0].CellFormat.Width += 5;

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Thank you for your replay, but we are need of something more universal since we are seeing this issue in all the documents we create.

Thanks for your request. As I can see, you are using Aspose.Words to generate both DOC and PDF files. Maybe you can simply change the code that generates your documents to resolve the problem. It would be great if you create a simple application that demonstrated how you generate your documents. We will investigate your code and try to help you to resolve the issue.
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Currently we just create the pdf, by calling:
Aspose.Words.Document.Save(“fullname”, SaveFormat.PDF)

Hi David,
Thank you for additional information. Yes, I understand how you save your document as PDF. But I would like to know how you generate whole document, i.e. how you create a Document object that you save as PDF later. Do you generate it programmatically or using template?
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Hi David,
We’ve made a workaround/fix for this issue. It will be available in Aspose.Words 10.2 to be released end of June.
Before saving your document to PDF/XPS be sure to call


This method should not normally be called. But on rare occassions, when table layout is not as expected, calling this method will correct the result. In the future we will make sure that Aspose.Words can always automatically produce the correct table layout, but this does not have a estimated delivery date yet. The workaround is only needed on a small percentage of documents that our customers encounter. Unfortunately you just happened to have one of those documents.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-4786) have been fixed in this .NET update and in this Java update.

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