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Root element missing

Hi, I licensed aspose total and I can load the license for PDF but not for any other product. The exception for other assemblies returns {“Root element is missing.”}.

Hi Jay,

Thank you for contacting support. Please share more details like which Aspose APIs show this error. Please list down all the names of Aspose APIs and DLL versions. Please also send us your license file for the testing purposes. We’ll investigate and reply you appropriately. Please check how to send the confidential files to a staff member via an email: Send your License File to an Aspose Staff Member

Hi, I am using the latest version downloaded from Aspose site as of 12/15/2016. For each assembly I am using highest .net framework possible such as 4.0 full client not client profile. Sending my license as instructed.

PDF and Word work, the others commented do not.

Dim myStream As FileStream = New FileStream("thirdpartlic", FileMode.Open)
'Dim ocrLicense As New Aspose.OCR.License()
'Dim bcLicense As New Aspose.BarCode.License()
'Dim emailLicense As New Aspose.Email.License()

Dim pdfLicense As Aspose.Pdf.License = New Aspose.Pdf.License()
Dim wordLicensd As New Aspose.Words.License()

' pdfLicense.Embedded = True

Hi Jay,

Thank you for the details. It is because the SetLicense method of Aspose APIs reads the license stream and the cursor ended up at the end of the stream, since nothing left for the next call of SetLicense method to read. Please modify your code to set cursor at start position each time:

<span style=“color: rgb(0, 128, 0); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-family: “Courier New”, Consolas, Courier, monospace; font-size: small; white-space: pre;”>’ load a license file
Dim myStream As FileStream = New FileStream(“Aspose.Total.lic”, FileMode.Open)
’ set Aspose.OCR license
Dim ocrLicense As New Aspose.OCR.License()

myStream.Position = 0

’ set Aspose.BarCode license
Dim bcLicense As New Aspose.BarCode.License()

myStream.Position = 0

’ set Aspose.Email license
Dim emailLicense As New Aspose.Email.License()