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RootTask without Start, End and duration when import XER

When I import XER file, the root task does not have Start, End and duration:
image.png (15.8 KB)

Can you help me ?




Please share your sample input file for further investigation at our end. Also, could you please make sure that you have initialised license in your application?

Attached my sample file.
Yes, i have initialised the license.
I am using 18.4 version and the error continues.
I have tried to run project.Recalculate(); but i got a NullReferenceException. (161.1 KB)


I have opened this XER file in Primavera P6 Professional (By Oracle) and tried to observe the Start, End and Duration of the root task “City Center Office Building Addition”, however could not succeed. Could you please share some image where the root task is opened in some viewer and required information is visible in that image? It will help us to observe the issue and provide assistance accordingly.