Rotate existing PDF 90 degrees?

Greetings - I'm trying to use Aspose.Pdf to rotate an existing PDF's page layout by 90 degrees. I searched the forum and found a few posts that talk about PageRotatingAngle. When I load my existing PDF into a Pdf object, there are no Section objects in the Sections property, so I can't set the PageRotatingAngle. Do I need to add a Section to the document?



Hello Chris,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Let me share something related to Aspose.Pdf. This component is used to generate the Pdf file from scratch, and you cannot load the existing Pdf to Aspose.Pdf object.

We have another component named Aspose.Pdf.Kit which is used to manipulate and edit existing Pdf file. Rotation of pages within an existing Pdf file is supported by PdfPageEditor class which contains a method named Rotation , which can serve the purpose.

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For information on difference between two products, please visit [Aspose.Pdf vs Aspose.Pdf.Kit ](