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Rounded rectangles in Aspose.Words

Hi Aspose.Words Team,

I have tested the Aspose.Words api and I found out that the api cannot detect the "rounded rectangles" auto shape objects.

Currently, I am using the Aspose.Words api to convert doc template file into PDF file by using the Aspose.Pdf api. The doc template file is using a lot of "rounded rectangle" objects, and at a moment I am using "rounded rectangle images" to replace the "rounded rectangles" objects, however, the printing quality from the converted pdf file are not the same. the "rounded rectangle" objects have much better printing quality compared to the "rounded rectangle images".

At a moment, My project will start next month and I am considering to buy the Aspose APIs, and I am just wondering if the "rounded rectangle" objects will be supported in the next Aspose.Words version?

Thank you.


Jarry wijaya

We plan to support this in 2 or 3 months. In fact we are currently working on this issue. But I cannot provide any official timeline yet.

Best regards,

Thank you Vladimir for your feedback.

btw, do you have any other option to draw the "rounded rectangles" by using the Aspose.Words api? (instead of using "rounded rectangle" images). At the end, I need to convert this doc into Pdf by using the Aspose.Pdf api.


Jarry Wijaya

Sorry, no ideas.