I am using version 21.2 of Aspose Cells in .NET
In the excel file, there is a formula “ARRONDI.AU.MULTIPLE” => ROUNDED TO MULTIPLE
When converting excel file to pdf, this formula is not calculated or gives an error “#NAME?”
Associated boxes or associated formulas are also in error “#NAME?”
Do you have a solution ?
Thank you
Sylvain - Axon Cable
test.PDF (18.6 KB)


Please zip your template Excel file and attach it here. We will check your issue soon.

Here is the excel file used (4.1 KB)

Thank you
Sylvain - Axon’ Cable


Thanks for the template file.

I opened your template file into MS Excel manually but the formula is also evaluated as “#NAME?” in MS Excel, so this is expected behavior when rendering to PDF file format. It looks you are using some non English formulas, could you set/convert it to english (us) and then try if it works fine.

Hello @Amjad_Sahi,
I don’t understand why it works with the functions “ARRONDI”, “ARRONDI.INF”, “ARRONDI.SUP”, “SOMME”, …
And they are not translated into US

Is there a difference with this function?

Thank you
Sylvain - Axon 'Cable


Could you also share a sample Excel file containing these function that works ok. Also share the output PDF for reference. What is your regional settings/locale and environment details?

Hello @Amjad_Sahi,

Here is the excel file with the function and the PDF generated directly from excel.
The aspose dll runs on a server with a French configuration.
And me for the tests I also have a PC in the French region and the excel program is also in French. (203.2 KB)

Thank you.
Sylvain - Axon 'Cable


Thanks for the files.

These functions/formulas are not in French but in English, so these are evaluated properly, see the screenshot (attached) for your reference. I see only formula in A4 cell is in French, so kindly translate it into English and then try your scenario/case it will work fine.
sc_shot1.png (43.4 KB)

Please note, Aspose.Cells supports to calculate formulas if those are in English (us). Alternatively, don’t call Workbook.CalculateFormula() and just open the file and then render to PDF using the lines as shown below:
Sample code:

var loadOptions = new LoadOptions(LoadFormat.Excel97To2003);
var workbook = new Workbook("e:\\test2\\test.xls", loadOptions);
//workbook.CalculateFormula();//do not use this.