Row contents are pushed down on the same page using .NET | Mail Merge | Exact row height


We are facing mail merge pdf cut off problem with one of our clients. Here is the Reproduction of issue. Please take a look and get back to us with a resolution.


The archive that you have shared is found to be damaged. Would you please re-upload a valid archive and share the link with us. Please make sure to remove license from the solution.

Please try with this link of


Your case seems related to Aspose.Words. We are moving this thread in respective category where you will be assisted accordingly.


In your document, the height rule of table row is set to Exactly. Please set it to AtLeast or Auto to achieve your desired output. We have modified the input Word document and attached the with this post for your kind reference. (105.1 KB)

The output document is : MergeResult_072820040218.pdf (221.1 KB)

Please read about row height rules from here:
Specifying Row Heights