Row header and column header highligth


I’m using your webgrid, and since I have large tables, I would like to know how can I set a highlight so the user can easily know where he/she is positioned in relation to the column or row header. My table has 2 header columns and 4 header rows.
I’ve tried to use the CellCommand event, but it never gets fired…
Is there a way to mange this feature?

António Carvalho
Elo, Sistemas de Informação Lda.

Hi Carvalho,

Well, I think you may try to freeze panes for your need. Freezing Panes helps you to view/work different areas of a large worksheet at the same time. GridWeb Component also allows you freeze/unfreeze panes by selecting "Freeze/Unfreeze" option in the context menu of the control at run time.

Please check the source codes of the following demos:

Note: the demo solutions are automatically installed @ your system when you use Aspose.Grid.MSI installer. So, you can open the solutions in and check the source codes.

Thank you.