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I've just upgraded to and noticed something odd with our tables, we suddenly have a LeftIndent on, so our nested tables look pretty crap now.

Also, Ive noticed when debugging the code, that setting the RowFormat.LeftIndent to 0 it returns -5.4 ? and when setting it to 5.4 it returns 0 ?

However, either setting renders the tables the same way ?

Is there any way I can get rid of the LeftIndent in my tables ?

Best regards
Nicolai Sorensen

Please send me the document to illustrate the issue.

Cell margins where 0 when creating tables using DocumentBuilder and now they are default MS Word cell margins. Sorry that it caused you problems.

We will certainly look at the RowFormat.LeftIndent issue.

Try latest Aspose.Word 2.1.11. RowFormat.LeftIndent works okay in our tests. However I see we don’t have a test for a nested table in this case. Let me know if this still does not work for you.