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RTF protection

Is there any timeframe for Aspose to handle RTF conversion. Basically we have a generated RTF document that we would like to run through Aspose to covert it to a .doc (primarily to insert word document protection).

Alternatively, do you know if RTF can directly support document protection (I could not find anything on it, but since you guys are the document masters…)

Hi Jat,

I’ve heard there are RTF tags that deal with document protection. Of course if the user is savvy enough he can open the doc in a text editor and remove the tags.

Try a little reverse enginering: make a simple protected document in MS Word and save as RTF, open in notepad and you might see the tags I’m talking about.

The timeframe for RTF import export is still vague, but thanks for reminding. I’ll see if it can be scheduled into August or earlier.