Ruble symbol is showing as a box when we use Calibri font

We are trying to convert the attached word file to pdf. Which has ruble symbol in two different font family Calibri and PT Serif. After converting to pdf, the ruble symbol in PT Serif comes as expected but ruble symbol in Carlibri comes as box.

Note: I have installed PT Serif and Carlibri font family in my docker container. Other characters in Calibri fonts also work as expected. test.docx (12.1 KB)

You should refer to another forum thread (Aspose.Words Product Family).
I’ll redirect now.

@sarathisathish90 Could you please attach PT Serif and Carlibri fonts installed in your docker container along with PDF document produced on your side? We will check the issue and provide you more information.

Hi Alexey, Please find the attached PT Serif and Carlibri fonts. (1002.0 KB) (430.4 KB)
and please find the pdf which got generated test.pdf (24.1 KB) @alexey.noskov thanks for helping me with this.

@sarathisathish90 Thank you for additional information. It looks like your Calibri font does not have the required glyphs. I have checked with Calibri font from my machine and the PDF is rendered properly. Also, your font has 1.02 version, my font - 6.23.
Please try installing newer version of Calibri font in your Docker container: (3.6 MB)

Thanks @alexey.noskov it is working now. we really appreciate your quick response.

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Hi @alexey.noskov As you suggested I am using Calibri 6.23 but now Japanese currency symbols is not working. In MS word this symbol also showstest.docx (63.6 KB)
proper when it is Calibri font. For your reference I have attached the word document and converted pdf test.pdf (44.5 KB)
document. Coud you please suggest to me a proper font version which can support all those currency symbols present in this word document.

@sarathisathish90 Calibri font does not contain the required glyph. In this case both Aspose.Words and MS word performs font fallback. When I render your document on my side in Windows, Aspose.Words uses MS Mincho font to render the character. So you can add this font to your environment.out.pdf (48.5 KB)

@alexey.noskov Could you please attach the MS Mincho font which you used. I tried this (4.6 MB) font which is not working

@sarathisathish90 Here is my version of MS Mincho font. It is newer than yours: (5.0 MB)

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Hi @alexey.noskov Thanks a lot. Now, everything works as expected

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