Running unreleased version- how do I get the latest?


I’m running an unreleased version of PDF Kit which had a particular for me in it. See this thread:

I would like to upgrade to an actual released version, but I’m not sure if my license will work with the very latest release (5.0) or whether I need to obtain the last stable version that corresponds to my dll. The version I am running is

If I can’t use the latest dll presumably I would need the latest 3.x version? If so can you tell me where I get it from?


Hi Nick,

The official release containing this fix would be 3.5.0. Also, I would like to add that you can only upgrade to the versions published during the one year of your license subscription. If you want to upgrade to the versions published later than a year of your license purchase then you’ll have to upgrade your license. Could you please share the date of purchase of your license?


Hi Shahzad,

Thanks for replying. The date of the order was 16/6/2009 (the order number was 090616124005). It was actually ordered by my colleague but I have the details and access to the Aspose web account.


Hi Nick,

As I mentioned earlier, you can upgrade to the versions which were released with in a year of your license subscription. From the date your mentioned, you may use the versions up to 4.5.0. Please download the latest version valid with your license from this link.

If you find any further questions, please do let us know.