Sales + development enquiry

Hi - the sales team sent me here.

I have a bespoke requirement to scan a QR code on a mobile device and then save the information contained within to a specific location on a Windows PC as a .xml file.

qrcode (2).png (3.7 KB)

Please see a sample QR code attached - The structure of the data held in the QR code can be modified to make the xml file creation easier. We would like to do this without using any internet or network connections.

My technical understanding is limited, but I wanted to validate if this is something Aspose help me do and if there are associated or 3rd party developers that could help me deliver this project. I have budget and a relatively tight timeframe (next 2 months) – looking forward to hearing from you soon.

And apologies if this is not the correct forum for this type of post!



Thanks for the barcode image and details.

I think you may try to use Aspose.BarCode API/SDK for your task for the underlying platforms. But the API can generate and read barcodes (with all the details or data) to/from the image format. So, to render an XML file from the obtained data/details (by Aspose.BarCode), you have to write your own code for it.

By OSI model QR code is just Transport level, you need own Application protocol.

Because any barcode has low data density you have to pack data to reduce data amount. You can try to pack/unpack xml data with DeflateStream and the barcode size can be reduced.

Thanks both, that makes sense. The Aspose API can help me create the QR code, but won’t be adequate to unpack the data from the QR code into an xml file.
For the later task - is this a fairly straightforward piece of work (intuitively it feels like it is) - and would you be able to advise on the type of skillsets I should look for in a developer (and recommend a place to find freelancers with these skills as well as working knowledge of the Aspose API?)

Thanks again for your help


We will get back to with details soon.
May be you could check our paid consulting section.

Aspose.Barcode API is like Internet, it allows to use your web-site, but you have to develop it by youself.

You can try Aspose Paid Consulting

Or you can try to find freelancer on upwork.

My advise, you can hire freelancer from upwork to make more clear what you really want. Because “scan QR code on a mobile device and then save the information contained within to a specific location on a Windows PC as a .xml file.” is not real goal. After this you can ask Aspose Paid Consulting about help.

Thank you - will do!