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Save form data as XML


Can You point me into the right direction...

1. I'm trying to develop a system where a user (master of a ship) opens af PDF form --> fill in the form and somehow push a button to save either as xml file or even better store it in a database.

The transfer of data from ship to office is then only the core data, not the hole pdf package...

2. In the office the xml file can be dynamically openend/imported via aspose.pdf.kit in the twin pdf document. Vola!!Big Smile [:D]

Considering issue 1 - what solutions shall I look for - can it be done through aspose.pdf.kit ?

I'm totally lost regarding issue 1 Sad [:(]- any clue will make my day Big Smile [:D]

Thanks in advance


Dear Bomstrong,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please refer to I hope that can help you. If you have more questions please let us know.

Hi bomstrong,

To question 1st, at present Aspose.Pdf.Kit only can transfer all pdf data into xml document without reference to the content whether it is core data or not.

Thanks for quick reply...

I have checked the entire forum out and followed any issue regarding forms, but still im stocked...

It seems to me the aspose.pdf.kit is dealing with pdf files only if they are stored on the disk with the data included:

Then it can be opended dynamically from .NET --> aspose.pdf.kit.dll and from there the fields values can be exported for further manipulation, or simply transferred over the network to another similar pdf document = data is merged into a pdf file already stored on the disk!?

What i wan't to do is this:

  1. user on a ship opens a pdf form
  2. fills in the data
  3. user push a button, that triggers som action (could be a javascript or .NET --> aspose.pdf.kit Confused [8-)]) to extract the data as xml for storing in a database, or sending automatically over a network. (I know very well the build-in mail option in pdf, but this is not a workable solution for me)
  4. the pdf file shuts down and alert the user: "Data saved!".Next time the document is opened its empty ready for new user input
  5. The database synchronize in the background with the office via special software and over the network
  6. The office now choose to see what the user on the ship has submitted
  7. office clicks on the file recieved through a .NET application (lets say FORM12.01.01.xml).
  8. this will trigger the FORM12.01.01.pdf to open up and dynamically load the xml file into it

From 5 - 8 is relatively easy at least in theory. But how about 1 - 4.?

Summary: I want to deal with pdf documents loaded into memory. Any clou? All have interest Smile [:)]

Best regards


Dear Bomstrong,

Dealing with pdf documents in memory is supported. FileStream can be used in Aspose.Pdf.Kit. The main problem is that form action is not supported. That means it is not supported to push a button in the PDF document that triggers some actions. You have to design the button in the web page.