Save in HTML format is now supported


Save in HTML format is supported in Aspose.Word 1.7.4.

doc.Save(fileName, SaveFormat.FormatHtml);

Also see the updated Featured Demos for a demonstration of this feature.

There are some elements that are not yet fully supported when converting from DOC to HTML:
1. Section formatting. Page break before section start, margins, page size and orientation etc.
2. Vertically merged cells in tables.
3. Default horizontal borders between cells in some situations.
4. Floating images and shapes are not positioned absolutely, but are inlined with text.
5. Formatting is spread over all HTML output (not separated into CSS styles).
6. Footnotes and endnotes are skipped.
7. Drawing objects (lines, circles etc) are not rendered.
8. Left and first line indent in list items.
9. Page background.

We will continue our work on improving the precision of conversion. Please let us know if you want any particular features done sooner rather than later.

We hope you will enjoy the new feature.


Can an html doc be opened by aspose.word now or will that come later?


Import of HTML files will come out later, mid-end September.