Save Problems ASP.Net App


I get a NullException whenever I include path information in the excel.Save method. Below is what I’m trying to do:

Dim strFile As String = MapPath(".") + “” +“product” + System.DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString() + ".xls"


But…even objXL.Save(“C:\cletus.xls”,FileFormatType.Default) fails with the same exception. It appears that anytime I put path information in the save method it throws the exception.

objXL.Save(“cletus.xls”,FileFormatType.Default)–Works and places the file in the windows system32 directory.

I just downloaded the demo version and have begun testing.

Thanks, Donta


Hi Donta,

I tested in my machine. It worked fine whether I included path information or not.

Could you post your code and more of your exception message here?

Also you can try our hotfix 1.8.8.


Thanks for the reply. I was a dope and didn’t have the permissions set properly on the target folder. All is working well now.