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Save stream to browser fails w/ SSL

i am using the .Save method to stream a word doc to the browser. Works great under non-SSL , but under SSL it fails with IE. SSL works fine with Firefox, but not with IE.

What is the solution? I have seen this bug for many months now on the forums, why is it still a bug?


This doesn't have anything to do with Aspose but with an IE security setting.

Try disabling "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" in the IE advanced settings. IE's error message is more than misleading, but disabling the aforementioned option does solve the problem.

(We were experiencing this with one of our Web sites)



"Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is NOT enabled? Any other ideas how to make this work in IE??

We have bought an enterprise license, please help!


Thank you for considering Aspose. Kai - thanks for the suggestion.

1) Could you please provide more details of the error?

2) Are you using IE6 SP1 with all cumulative patches installed?