Save Word DOCX Document as PDF using Java & Retain Width, Alignment & Layout of Table Column in Footer

When we convert DOCX to PDF. Footer alignment changed in PDF. Input DOCX and otput PDF files are attached. Please help. Thank you.

Document doc = new Document("\Test.docx");"\TestOut.pdf", SaveFormat.PDF);

Test (2).zip (49.6 KB)


The PDF file (DPR-50020.pdf) you shared was actually produced by using a very old (19.5) version of Aspose.Words for Java.

And after an initial test with the latest (20.8) version of Aspose.Words for Java, we were unable to reproduce this issue on our end. Please see the output PDF document that we generated on our end by using the following Java code:

Java Code:

Document doc = new Document("C:\\Test (2)\\DPR-50020.docx");"C:\\Test (2)\\aspose.words for java 20.8 docx to.pdf");

So, we suggest you to please upgrade to the latest version. Hope, this helps.

Thank you. Yes I dont see the issue with latest 20.8 jar.