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SaveAsEmf - No HRI for some formats

With v7.2, it appears the HRI codes are no longer appearing at the bottom of DatabarStackedOmniDirectional, GS1-128, ITF14 and GS1DataMatrix. They are appearing for the UPCA format. There were some bugs with that address for me in this version, so maybe the fixes affects these formats?

BarCodeBuilder b = new BarCodeBuilder(“00850006000227”);

b.AutoSize = true;

b.SymbologyType = Symbology.ITF14;

b.ITF14BorderType = ITF14BorderType.Bar;

b.BorderWidth = 0.990f;

b.CodeTextFont = new Font(“OCR B Std”, 12.0f);

b.GraphicsUnit = GraphicsUnit.Millimeter;

b.xDimension = 0.495f;

b.BarHeight = 31.75f;

b.CodeTextSpace = 0.5f;

b.Resolution = new Resolution(1200.0f, 1200.0f, ResolutionMode.Customized);

b.SaveAsEmf(“HRI Missing Sample - ITF14.emf”);

b.SymbologyType = Symbology.DatabarStackedOmniDirectional;

b.CodeText = “(01)00013670000423”;

b.SaveAsEmf(“HRI Missing Sample - DatabarStackedOmniDirectional.emf”);

b.SymbologyType = Symbology.GS1Code128;

b.SaveAsEmf(“HRI Missing Sample - GS1Code128.emf”);

b.SymbologyType = Symbology.GS1DataMatrix;

b.SaveAsEmf(“HRI Missing Sample - GS1DataMatrix.emf”);

b.SymbologyType = Symbology.UPCA;

b.CodeText = “013670000423”;

b.SaveAsEmf(“HRI Present Sample - UPCA.emf”);

Hi Tony,

Thank you for contacting support. We have tested your sample code against the latest build of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 7.2.0 and managed to replicate the problem of invisible HRI codes. We have logged these problems as follows:

BARCODENET-34267 - HRI code is not visible on ITF14 barcode
BARCODENET-34268 - HRI code is not visible on DatabarStackedOmniDirectional barcode
BARCODENET-34269 - HRI code is not visible on GS1Code128 barcode
BARCODENET-34270 - HRI code is not visible on GS1DataMatrix barcode

Your post has also been linked to these issues. We’ll let you know once a significant progress has been made in this regard. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for being patient. We have a good news for you that the issue ids BARCODENET-34267, BARCODENET-34268, BARCODENET-34269 and BARCODENET-34270 have now been resolved. If there is no issue in the QA phase, then their fixes will be included in the future version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 7.4.0. It is expected in the mid of October, 2015. We'll inform you via this forum thread as soon as the said release is published.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as BARCODENET-34270;BARCODENET-34269;BARCODENET-34268;BARCODENET-34267) have been fixed in Aspose.BarCode for .NET 7.3.0.

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