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SaveFormat.Pdf not bringing over excel cell format

I have an excel cell format using custom format $0.00??

This is displaying properly when I save the excel file using aspose, but when I save it to pdf it takes the number and displays the ?? at the end. It retains the $X.XX and appends the ?? instead of retaining the formatting from the excel sheet. Is there a way to overcome this formatting issue when saving as PDF?

Im using the Aspose Workbook.Save with optional parameters (string filelocation, SaveFormat.Pdf);

C# .net 4.0


Could you please download and try our latest fix/version: Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.3.5.3 and let us know your feedback.

If you still find the issue, kindly attach your Excel file and output PDF file here, we will check it soon.

thank you.