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SaveToPDF Creating Large Files


I am evaluating Aspose.Slides primarily for converting PPT files to PDFs (preferabley HTML but it looks like that's not an option?). My first example began with a PPT file that was 249KB. When I converted it using my Adobe Acrobat add-on to Powerpoint, the resulting PDF was 239KB. When I used Aspose.Slides the resulting PDF file was 3408KB! Why so large? Is there any way to create smaller PDF files from Aspose.Slides? Also, is there any way to convert PPT files to HTML using Slides?


Dear Kent,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides for .NET

It seems Aspose.Slides is converting the ppt to pdf as using slide images, that’s why size is large. To get smaller size, you need to take SVG images using Slide.SaveToSVG method and then insert them using some third party tool in PDF. However, I am not sure, it will decrease the size. Probably Aspose.Slides is already doing that, because when I enlarge the PDF page, the text does not distort.

No, there is no direct way or API to convert PPT to HTML, but you can definitely use Aspose.Slides to get such a functionality.

I don’t quite understand your last sentence. You say there is no direct way or API to convert to HTML, but then you say I can use Aspose.Slides to get sucha functionality. Can you explain further how I can use Aspose.Slides to do it or reference a page or post that explains it?

Dear kentroberts,

I meant you can convert ppt to html by writing your own code; you can use Aspose.Slides to read e.g text properties like bold, underline, font, height etc from PowerPoint slide and accordingly add html tags yourself.

Aspose.Slides doesn’t provide any direct way to convert ppt to html, e.g there is no SaveToHtml API supported.