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Saving a Child Sheets Rows

I am currently having some issues with saving my child sheet rows within my child grid. I am already saving my active/parent sheets rows with no problems, however, i cannot seem to access the child sheets rows data to save. I use the following code below in my BindingChildView Event handler...

childSheet.IsProtected = false;

childGrid.EditMode = true;(This line of code allows me to edit within my child sheet)

childGrid.ShowCommandBarAtTop = true;

childGrid.ShowBottomBar = true;(For some reason, it does not show me the bottom bar using this code)

childGrid.ShowSubmitButton = true;(Does not show me a submit button when it should)

childGrid.ShowUndoButton = true;(Same with this one, does not show me the bottom bar with save, update, undo, etc.)

childGrid.ShowDefaultGridLine = true;

childGrid.ShowTabBar = true;

childGrid.BottomTableStyle.BackColor = Color.LightGray;

childGrid.HeaderBarStyle.Wrap = true;

childGrid.ShowSaveButton = true;

childGrid.ShowHeaderBar = true;

Can you please let me know if i am doing something wrong here, i have been fighting with this child sheet for a week for it to save my child sheet, but however, i do not even see the submit or save for the child sheet, only for the active/parent sheet.


GridWeb doesn't support saving child grid currently. We will think about this feature and may implement it in the future.

Thank you.

In my opinion, it totally would not make sense to have child rows that can be edited but not saved. If I had known more specifically in the documentation, I would have never asked management to purchase the software in the first place.



Sorry, we did not feel the feature (saving child records) could be so important for some users like you. And, actually, we did not get any demand for it before. Aspose is more user specific company and we give top priority to users. We always take care of our users requests and try to implement their proposed features if possible. Currently, we got a very busy schedule to perform some other important tasks (some new features and existing feature enhancements) on hand. Anyways, we will soon look into your desired feature.

Thanks for your time and understanding.