Saving a Word document as a PDF file


Hi. I am currently evaluating Aspose.Word (and Aspose.PDF) for one of my client.

I have successfully created a Word document from a template using Aspose.Word (java edition). So I have a “Document” that I currently save in .doc format.

I need to save this as a PDF document (using Aspose.Pdf). This does not seem to be implemented in the Java version.

Is this a limitation of the current version of the demo version ? Is this feature available and I am missing something ?

I need to give my client an answer quite soon.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards


Export in PDF is not supported in Aspose.Words for Java yet. For the detailed list of features see

We are going to add support for this feature to Aspose.Words for Java later this year.


Thanks for your quick answer. Do you have any date for this feature ? (to know if the project I am studying could rely on it or not).

Thanks in advance


It can take up to several month. I can not provide more exact timeline yet.