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Saving a words document as HTML (with embedded base64 images) in a memory stream

What I would really like to do is to take a HTML page (that has images) do a search for the word ‘Red’ and for each occurance change it to be ‘Blue’ then save the document into a memory stream.

so far I have opened the document as a Aspose.Words doc, changed all the text I want to change and then when I have gone to save it I get: “Image file cannot be written to disk. When saving the document to a stream either ImagesFolder should be specified or custom streams should be provided via ImageSavingCallback. Please see documentation for details.” Most of the help I have found revolves around using the Email.HtmlSaveOptions and set an imageSavingCallback, however I cannot make this work. Any ideas?

Many thanks


Can you please share source files so that we may further investigate to help you out. Also please share complete sample code that you are using on your end.

I ended up just doing a basic search and replace on the string and that works fine. But thanks for replying :slight_smile:


You are very welcome.