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Saving Form Field Data

I understand that Aspose.Pdf does not set the correct “flag” values in a pdf to enable form field data, entered by the user using Adobe Reader, to be saved to a file. Do you expect this functionality to be added in the future?


Hello Marcus,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf is used to generate PDF documents and I'm afraid the feature you've requested cannot be supported. Beside this, we've a product named Aspose.Pdf.Kit which offers the capability to manipulate/edit any existing PDF documents. It also offers the functionality to Export the data entered by the user. For more information, please visit Fill PDF Form and Form Fields

You may also visit the following link Posting AcroForm data to an external web page


The problem is we want to be able to use Adobe Reader to do the entering of data and the exporting to a new pdf, and not use seperate code.

We also have an issue whereby adding Form Field objects to an Aspose Words document and exporting the document using Aspose Pdf seems to create a pdf that is editable using Adobe Reader, but not in other 3rd party pdf displayers i.e. TallComponents. Other than the 3rd party software at fault, would there by any other reason why form fields do not show up as editable in anything other than Adobe Reader?


Hello Marcus,

Thanks for the information

Regarding your first requirement, we're looking into the possibility that either we can support this feature or not and will update you shortly.

Regarding second issue, please share the resource word file so that we can test the scenario at our end.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Please find attached the source Word document, and the output Pdf. I used your demo application “Document Explorer” to load the Word doc and then to save using the “Aspose Pdf” method. The form fields appear editable in Adobe Reader, but not in other 3rd party software.

Also note however, that even though the form fields are editable in Adobe Reader, the height of the text box seems fixed and does not take into account the font size, which looks rather odd. Is this a bug also?

Hello Marcus,

Sorry for replying you so late.

During my test I've noticed that the resultant PDF that I've generated is quite different from the one that you've generated. In fact, I'm unable to edit the document in Adobe Reader. One thing strange that I've noticed about the source word document is that, it has some security constraints/some restrictions applied over the document, which are preventing me to perform any operation over the document (all the options are disabled). Can you please take a look over this matter.