Saving individual slide as new ppt


I love what you are doing, and would like to use the PowerPoint component for a customer project. The Slide.GetThumbnail() method was a very welcome addition for my needs.

Another requirement is to be able to save a single slide as a new presentation. Will it be possible to save an individual slide as a new ppt file? or will I have to solve this by looping through all the slides and deleting the unwanted slides? (when this feature is implemented that is Wink, ref The looping could be (too) time consuming considering the presentations can consist of several hundred slides, bit I guess that depends on how the “Slide.Delete()” method will perform Smile.


Dear Bo,

Deleting slides was implemented today as Presentation.Slides.RemoveAt(i).
Also I’m planning to write deleting shapes tomorrow. After that new hot fix will be published.

Dear Bo,

New hot fix was released. Please check it.

Thanks, that does the trick, and it seems like the performance penalty is minimal.

Great job