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Saving PPT to PPTX format

Hi All,

I have PPT templates which will be filled with contents and saved to PPT format. I use Aspose.Presentation to do this. I need to save the final file as PPTX format.

When I use PresentationEx, it may make me to do more code changes.

Is there a way to save the final file to PPTX but the initial template in PPT format?

Hi Htanmo,

Please visit this documentation link to convert a PPT to PPTX.

I already had a look on that link. But my scenario is I use WebResponse and Stream to store the data and finally I use Presentation.Write to write the stream. Prior to this I use repornse.appendheaders to add the file name and pptx format. But the initial file that is used is PPT… So I would like to get the PPT formed and finally saved to PPTX after writing the stream.

Hi Htanmo,

As you know, PPT to PPTX conversion is not fully supported in Aspose.Slides. Please use write method of Presentation class to save the file as PPTX.

I like to share with you that we are in the process of developing a unified API for managing the PPT and PPTX presentation together. An issue with ID 13419 has already been added in our issue tracking system to accomplish this task.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Manzoor.

I am using the Aspose.Slides dll (version Can u tell me when the unified API will be available in market?

Also when I have trial version of Apsose Slides 5.7.0 and when I tried to use it in my application with my old license file, I am getting error something like "The license can be used for products upgraded till Jan 2011..." Can u tell me how to use the latest dll? Do I need a new license file? I need the info sooner. Please reply

Hi Htanmo,

I have asked for the ETA of this issue from our development team. As soon as, any information is shared by them, I will be more then happy to share that with you.

Thanks Manzoor. Reply me with the ETA once u get it.

As of now I tried using new dll and it works fine. I am still exploring it.

Hello, we are also intertested in converting PPT to PPTX. Are there still plans to add this funtionality?

Thank you,


Hi Kim,

I like to share that support for accessing PPT using PresentationEx is available in Aspose.Slides and you may export the read PPT to PPTX. Please visit this article link for your kind reference.

Many Thanks,