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Saving PPTX with Presentation class


when will it be possible to open a ppt or pot files with the Presentation class and saving them as a pptx files?
Or the other way round: open a ppt or pot files with the PresentationEx class and saving them as ppt files?

Up to now exceptions are thrown stating that those features are not implemented yet.

Regards, Jochen

Hi Jochen,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I regret to share that the support for accessing PPTX using Presentation class is unavailable at the moment. Unfortuntely, there is no defined time frame available for this as at the moment support for accessing PPT using PresentaitonEx class is focused on. An issue with ID 13419 has already been added in our issue tracking system for this. You may try accessing PPT using PresentationEx class for the time being. Please share with us if I may help you any further in this regard.

Thank and Regards,


so in the future it will be possible opening a pot or a potx template with PresentationEx and saving it as a ppt or pptx file. That would be great! Is this feature planned for a specific version or date?


Hello Dear,

At the moment you can access the PPT and POT files using PresentationEx and can save them as PPTX. When the support for PPTX to PPT will be available then you will be able to do vice versa. In order to observe the feature supported in PPT to PPTX conversion, please follow this link.

Moreover, we are planning to implement the first version of PPTX to PPT and vice verse features during the last quarter of year 2011. This first version will expose only the basic functionality as the complete set of features and limitations is currently unavailable as we have not yet started to investigate the task of saving PPT from PresentationEx objects.

Thanks and Regards,