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Saving vs Opening an Excel File

Hi there,
I’m generating an Excel file for the user and then he gets the option to either Save the file to the HDD or to open the file.
This is the command that I use:
excel.Save(sUser + “_RSM_SMF.xls”, SaveType.OpenInExcel, FileFormatType.Default, this.Response);

In the Excel File there are a couple of pivot table on multiple sheets, which refreshes automatically when the file is opened
When the user Saves the file and then go and open the file, the file opens 100% fine.

When the user opens the file (without saving it first), Excel gives a Pivot table field name error. A temp file is saved in the Temporary Internet Files folder first before the file actually opens.

Is there a difference in the Save and Open methods of the Excel.Save function

One way to, is to try and set the Visible property of the Open button to false when the Excel.Save function is called. Is this possible though?


Hi Morne,

It’s a problem of IE and Excel. If you directly stream an Excel file with piovt report to client browser, this error may occur.

Please check