Saving Word doc as PDF generates relatively large files (simple files- no images)

I am completing some evaluation work of Aspose.Words, and I am looking at the files it is generating when saving a word doc as a PDF.

While the conversion works fine, it seems to be generating relatively large PDF files, even for extremely small, simple word docs.

If I convert a small, 29k word doc to a PDF using Aspose.Words, it generates a 32k PDF file. If open the same file in MSWord and save it as a PDF, it generates a 4k file. The file is very simple, and does not have any images (I see a lot of discussion in the forums about how images can affect the conversion). I also tried overriding the PDF Saving options to make sure TextCompression was really on, but it is still much bigger.

Is there any way to generate more compact PDF files, similar to MSWord? I’ve included my source word doc (very simple), as well as the pdf versions created by MSWord and by Aspose.

Thanks for your request.
You see the significant difference in file size because Aspose.Words always embeds font subsets into the PDF documents. Core fonts are 14 fonts, which are supported by PDF viewers by default. These fonts can be optionally embedded or not into PDF.
Since MS Word does not embed core fontsû size of PDF it produces is significantly smaller.
We will consider adding an option to use core fonts in one of future versions of Aspose.Words. We will let you know once this option is available.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-2716) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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