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Scale Problems when Converting DWFs using ASPOSE CAD Java Library


I’m using the ASPOSE CAD library for Java to convert DWF files to PDF in my application. Since my users are engineers, they make their projects in diferent scales (As example, some make in 1:100, others in 1:10).

The problem comes when I convert this DWF file to PDF: Some results in small PDF files like 110mmx200mm and others with gigantic size like 8000mmx9000mm. This happens mostly because of the scale used when the user create the DWF.

My question: Is there any way to consider the scale of the DWF file when converting to PDF?

Just for aditional information, I need the PDF to keep the same scale since I will put a watermark in a specific position of the output PDF, in the bottom right position, at a fixed distance from the margin. In the actual scenario, it won’t be possible because the position may vary according to the scale of the file.


Can you please possibly share the requirements in the form of source DWF file and desired output PDF fils that we may assess on our end to help you further.

Here follows two examples, containing the source DWF, the PDF generated by Aspose and the PDF converted using the Design Review tool (the expected output).

As can be noted on the files, in the small example the PDF outputed by Aspose have around 110mm of width instead of the 3200mm expected.

Worth mention that i’m not making any kind of manipulation involving the size of the Image in the code (1.9 MB)

Download via s3 public link:


I suggest you to please visit this documentation section for your convenience and verifying the possible options using Aspose.CAD for Java. I hope this will be helpful and if you any issues then please share the output achieved and output desired. We will for sure be happy to assist you further.