Scanner SDK for Web Applications


Dear @awais.hafeez and team ,

Could you please provide information for our questions below?
I’m looking for Scanner SDK for Web Applications. The featurecan acquire scanner to scan and specify the position or area to capture image. Including to save and view in picture format. (.png /.jpg) And I interest Aspose.Imaging for .net.

I have some question with Aspose.Imaging for .Net as follow;

  1. Is it possible to acquire a scanner and can it be run via a Web Brower?

  2. Can specify the position or area to be scanned or not?

  3. Can it use a scanner with Angular?

  4. If running through the Web Brower, must install the client program or not?

  5. Can be installed at the Web Server and run the Multiple Client at the same time or not.

  6. What license is minimum required to work through the web application (1 Site and 1 Developer)?

  7. Can it be used with a high speed scanner? (Batch Processing)

Thank you and Best Regards,

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I have observed your requirements and like to share that Aspose.Imaging has scope defined on working with different image formats. It does not support scanning documents and does not come inside scope of API. I hope the shared information will be helpful.


Hi @mudassir.fayyaz ,
Thank you for your information.



You are always welcome.