Script error running RunExmples.cs - Gmail

I downloaded the samples zip file and am running the RunExamples.cs project with InsertFetchAndUpdateCalendar.Run(); uncommented. In the InsertFetchAndUpdateCalendar class, a variable called User2 of type GoogleTestUser is defined and established. I entered my google username, my google email address, my google password, the client ID I got from google when I set up my project, and the client secret which I also got from google.

When I run the project, I get this following script error:
figure 1a.jpg (148.5 KB)

Any suggestions?


Hello @jonathn6,

Unfortunately, OAuth2 authentication way was changed and we haven’t updated the example. Please note, this example of getting a token is only an informational one. We provide the OAuth2 authentication feature, but the code to get the access token must be implemented by the user by reviewing the documentation of the service that provides access.

To connect to Gmail via OAuth, you need the following:
get the access token programmatically using Google’s guides at Como usar o OAuth 2.0 para acessar as APIs do Google  |  Authorization  |  Google for Developers
OAuth 2.0  |  API Client Library for .NET  |  Google for Developers